Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Bay Bridge

You Run your toung
Like my engine through midnight traffic
Reckless lines of red break lights
Vein into the city
And I want to whisper
'You're pulling at my heart strings'
The Soft breath of desire whips past your ears
Whipping now my hair through the open window
Round and round we go
Picking at the scab
Til fresh blood bubbles up
And I can yell at you again
Because you are low
And yet so perfect
Why do I live for the vibration of the engine?
And the red flashing light
Where is the action
Where is the commitment
I am alone in the moaning wind


Pretty Bird, pretty bird
He loves Pretty Bird
Pretty Bird flies
And Pretty Bird glides-Why?
Why does Pretty Bird fly?
Because of the look in Pretty Boy's eyes
She flies?-How?
How does Pretty Bird fly?
He blows wind beneath Pretty Bird
He wants to see you fly Pretty Bird
Pretty Bird, Pretty Bird
Such a child Pretty Bird
So innocent, Pretty Bird
Be more innocent Pretty Bird
Pretty Boy likes innocent Pretty Bird
He sighs, Pretty Bird
Pretty Bird, pretty bird
He shot Pretty Bird
See him lie Pretty Bird
And she cries, poor bird
and she dies,
pretty bird.

The fighter

Fire, fire, fire
Like rage, like nothing
The fixating sound
of the crimson
Pumping, pounding
In empty ears
Blood like fire
Fire like what?
Rage like nothing
Like the ripped sea crashing
Pumping, pounding
Shattering hearts
Ground fine like sand
Retreating down
Vermilion running
Feet with wings
Pumping, pounding
on dark wet pavement
Steam like a kettle
Fighting words
Gliding, swaying, ducking
With no defining consequence
Iron hot cadence
Drools off restless lips
Painting violence
On this silence.
Fists pumping pounding
With blood like fire
Fire, fire, fire
Rage like what?
Fire like nothing.

Walking Away

Close the book
Turn the page
Give one last look
Let go the rage
Take a cleansing deep breath
Pretend he apologized
Know it's for the best
For no more lies
Erase the writing
Forget the fighting
Just walk away
Time to turn around
My heel grinds in time
On the concrete ground
He picked the flower
But I kept my power
And as the rain falls faster
I smile and start a new chapter
Knee deep in tribid water
To realize I am the one whose fighting back
Our lives, like pictures in sand
Destroyed and faded by the wind
Our bodies blown over the earth, like
Dust on water
Eventually to sink in
The collective ocean of 'us'
consciousness with no control
That crashed violently against my toes
Immovable rocks ground one day soft to sand
Like we all grow soft in our old age
Chillingly numb from it's cold
But what is peace if not an ocean?
Breathing life
Softening the impenetrable
And carrying wind so strong
That will one day fade our sand
And blow us all away

Lets Burn

Lets burn
I want to smulder
in a pile of you and me
I want to move
Like we invented moving
Flicker and spark
Like heat is all there is
I want to moan
Like we're committing original sin
Like we thought of this
Like its ours, it is ours
I want you to pull yourself in
I want it cosmic
Bliss and make bliss
Like we can't see
Because in this moment you are perfect
My hips were made to hold
Your hips
Springs creak
So you, so me
Lets move
Lets sweat
Lets burn
Bump up against and bob like a fish
Gasping for breath at unfinished business
Lose Ends never tied
cups poured out
Sin and Sorrow
And that great ugly drought
Letters unsent
An alphabet unlearned
and a disease never cured
Failed attempts at irony
Words that were never meant
When things come so suddenly
Potential is not met
With just one thing
I will never forget

to dust

Stalk still
White fabric, you too
Lay there butcher-style
Blue and gold silk
And the blanket your grandmother
Wove, you into my life
The tread of you ripped from me-fray
Crumble of over face
Your hair, but not your eyes
And down, my melting blues
When I grasp an other mourner's hand
At the sight of the rigamortis
Your 'you-like hand'
Is all that holds focus